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Susanne Steinem Patch * February 19, 1925 - November 2, 2007

Sue Patch passed very peacefully on November 2nd. Sue's family, friends and many admirers attended a memorial service for Sue at the Christ Church Parish in Kensington on Saturday November 10th. Leland Street was represented by the attendance of several neighbors. including Barbara Fendrick with son, Peter, Henry and Dorothy Bedell, Ann Lee came with long time friends and former neighbors, Jack and Lois Coons, Vicky Taplin brought Marcy Forrest and Farrell Cosmas while Charles Duffy rode with Jimmy and Leanne Boland and Ben Delancy joined everyone at the church. Miriam Daniels and Larry Wolff regretted they were still in Israel at the time of the funeral but Miriam had the chance to personally say goodbye before she left for her trip.
The service was a collection of psalms, hymns and closed with heartfelt recollections from childhood by her sister Gloria Steinem followed by Sue’s son, Jeffrey sharing the story of Sue’s last two years leading up to her final days.
The service was followed by a reception in the lower level of the church where an open mike invited friends and family to share their thoughts and memories. It was interesting for all of us to hear new stories about Sue’s life and friendships and also it was healing to share the emotion of the day. Barbara Fendrick told some wonderful stories of her friendship with Sue dating back to when they were raising their children together.

Barbara is seen here sharing her story during the reception. Susan Patch and Calvin look on.

Soon after, a group of Leland Street neighbors, Marcy Forrest, Vicky Taplin and Barbara Fendrick led by Mary Olson shared stories of Sue and Leland Street traditions which Sue established such as the Food Co-op, Leland Street Sunday News and the Banana Split Party. Sue was credited with weaving a string of homes on Leland Street into a circle of friendship.

Later in the day, the ladies of Leland Street brought over a dinner for the thirty-eight family members of the Patch family.

Barbara Fendrick prepared a fish entree and Ann Lee made ratatouille. Vicky Taplin made the spaghetti for the children’s table. Marcy brought chocolate torte and flourless chocolate cake, Bonnie Duffy made her incredible brownies, Leanne Boland and Jill Bateman honored the banana split party tradition by gathering all the fixings for banana splits including Jill’s preparation of the hot chocolate sauce from Sue’s own recipe, while Vicky Taplin and Farrell prepared the Patch family favorite angel food cake with fresh berries and whipped cream.
Susan and Calvin were there to receive the dinner and greet the ladies as they filled the kitchen counter with the dinner trays.

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philat said...

I am sorry that I did not know that Susanne lived in the Washington area, where my wife and I lived 1951-2009. She and I were in Jackson High School, Michigan, in 1941-42, and we took Spanish from Senorita Baer. I also went to a party she gave for some of us at Clark Lake where her father had a resort. I saw Suxanne at our 50th class reunion in 1992, where she was in a wheelchair propelled by his sister Gloria. For some reason we briefly said hello, and I was unaware of where she lived. Susanne was a very pleasant classmate, well-liked by all. Phil True, Glen Allen, Va